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Link to Other Libraries

Users can visit the webportals of the following premiers institutions' library by clicking the link column.

S.No. Name of the Institute Link
1 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Click Here
2 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Click Here
3 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Click Here
4 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Click Here
5 Indian Institute of Technology Madras Click Here
6 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Click Here
7 Indian Institute of Science Banglore Click Here
8 Information Center for Aerospace Science and Tech. Click Here
9 National Centre for Science Information, Bangalore Click Here
10 Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode Click Here
11 Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta Click Here
12 Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Click Here
13 Indian Institute of Management, Indore Click Here
14 Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdadbad Click Here
15 Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta Click Here
16 National Institute of Technology,Calicut Click Here
17 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Click Here
18 GeorgiaInstitute of Technology Click Here
19 CaliforniaInstitute of Technology Click Here
20 CanadaInstitute for Scientific and Technical Information Click Here
21 Stanford University Click Here
22 Library of Congress Click Here
23 British Library Click Here
24 University of Technology Sydney Click Here
25 RMIT Click Here
26 Canberra Institute of Technology Click Here
27 European Library Click Here
28 Virtual Technical Reports Center Click Here
29 HongKong University of Science and Technology Click Here
30 UMISTUK Click Here
31 VirginiaTech. University Libraries Click Here

"One must spend time in gathering knowledge to give it out richly"
- Edmund Clarence Stedman

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