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Dr.SRR KC Committee

Role of the Library Committee
1. To lay down good collection development policy.

2. To recommend Journals, Magazines, E-Journals, Online Databases and other resources.
3. To make provision for better utilization of library resources and services.

4. To develop general program of Library services to suit the interest of different sections of users.
5. To recommend sufficient library funds for the acquisition of library resources.
6. To assist the Librarian in formulating general library polices and regulations which govern the effective function of the library.
General Policies and Procedures
1. Meetings will be conducted at least twice in a year (August in odd semester and January in even semester).
2. The convener will arrange the meetings at the most convenient time of the members without disturbing their teaching schedules.
3. The date and time of the meetings will be intimated to the members either through Circular, Phone call or WhatsApp notification with the details of agenda.
4. After every meeting, the convener will send the minutes of meeting (MoM) with the details of agenda discussed & resolutions passed to the Principal / KSRCT, for ratification and approval.

5. Attendance will be maintained for each meeting separately with the signature of attendees.

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